the acorn collecting, that is 🙂

Day 1: Wish my desktop was working but since it’s a bit finicky right now, no pictures. The kids and I collected for about 10 minutes before my son started to say “let’s go home now”. I tried to make it fun, honestly, but there’s no fooling that kid! My daughter, on the other hand, was all for it!

They have been washed and are IN MY BACKYARD drying. I’ll have to keep collecting or I’ll barely have enough for a small wreath! At least I educated the twins about maggots, what they are, and why we MUST keep the acorns out of our house and MAKE SURE to bake them. OH THE FEAR!!!


big sis

update: the big scaredy cat that I am…the collecting has officially ceased! My acorns got all wet today in the rain and while there were no maggots, I thought that if I waited until I picked up more this week, I would be sure to find some. Who can live in this kind of fear? Seriously, I crack myself up!