but darn computer got infected. My husband LOVES to blame all our computer mishaps on me b/c well…I’m on it most of the time. But this time…I SWEAR…it wasn’t me. He interrupted my computer session one evening to check something and the whole entire computer crashed! just in a blink of an eye. So. Very. Sad. My husband is very good about backing everything up so nothing is lost except time, of course. my time, to be exact.

I still have our old labtop but I haven’t been able to upload pictures so my posts will be a bit “naked” for some time.

I’ve been leisurely working on some new dolls. And can I tell you how nice it is to just create for the sake of creating and not b/c there’s a deadline or you put all this pressure to get something completed by such and such date. It is like a breath of fresh air! I don’t think I have been able to do this since some time early last year.

Lil sis (and family) is finally back from Paris. Yay! Oh, how I’ve missed my darlin’ lil niece! Hopefully, I can get lil sis to take some pictures and we can have a shop update soon.

big sis