I confess…I make rice krispies treats (sounds weird to me, but this is what Kellogg’s calls them. I always thought they were called rice krispy treats) like it’s nobody’s business! I started with Halloween, then Christmas, now Valentine’s. You can be sure there will be some for Easter, the twin’s birthday, and possibly the end of school. It’s just so easy and what kid does not love rice krispies treats!

Last year, I made pink heart shaped ones. This year, because I only had to make 25 and I apparently think I have more time in the day, I decided to spruce them up a bit!

Step 1:

Prep your hearts. How-to here.

Step 2: Let your hearts harden a bit. It’s easier to do the next step when it’s not so sticky and malleable. Melt Wilton’s candy melts (I used pink). Dip the hearts (I only wanted the tops of the hearts covered) and then sprinkle away. I didn’t plan this but it’s a good thing I only wanted to cover the tops b/c one bag was all I had and I was able to coat all except 1 heart. I made 2 batches of rice krispies treats and it yielded 33 hearts.

Step 2 is also a work-fast part. The candy melts harden quite quickly. No worries if you start to lag, just pop them back into the micro.

I saw some rectangle ones at King’s Hawaiian (the day I purchased 3 slices of cake, and 6 dobash filled malasadas for a family of 4, 2 being toddlers who don’t eat too much sweets so really for my husband and I. I take it back…he’s not that crazy about malasadas. So really all for me) and they were charging $1.50! the AUDACITY! haha! I was SO close to buying 2 for my kids but I knocked some sense into myself!

2 posts in one day. LOVE it! feels like we’re being productive 🙂

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I bought myself some chocolates and they are calling me to devour them!

big sis