Woohoo, stayed up all night wrapping playdoh and making tags for the kids for our Valentine’s Party today. I really, really wanted to decorate cute matchboxes like this, but I couldn’t figure out what to put in them.

Inchmark suggested candy like M&Ms or Valentine Candy Corn (pink, red, and white..so cute!), but our class is full of 1-2 year olds. Too young! Aren’t they adorable?!

Instead, each kiddo will receive a Mickey Mouse Valentine Card and Playdoh.

The big package is for the teacher. Had to get some Ferrero Rocher for our sweet teacher. I haven’t bought anything for the hubs…I’m leaning towards baking something. I’m not a baker like big sis, but I am going to attempt to make something sweet. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. 😛

-lil sis