A dolly on her way over to the windy city…

I had to set aside a paperweight I was making for the hubby. I’m making a Baylor (hub’s alma mater) paperweight so he can put it on his bookcase at work. My daughter and I visited my husband at work for the first time, and I was shocked. I always wondered what his office looked like, and it was BARE! He had maybe five or six books in his bookcase, one framed picture of our daughter, one small picture of me scotch taped on his wall (I don’t even deserve a frame?!), and one poster hanging on the wall. So that’s why I decided to make that paperweight to dress up his office!

I have a few other dolls sitting on my desk waiting to be clothed. I’m just working on too many projects at once. What a surprise! I always do this to myself. After my hubby’s paperweight, I’ll finish up the dolls and list them in our shop and then move on to sewing up the Easter garlands which will be listed in our shop as well.

-lil sis