but I do have another zipper pouch! How many pouches can one girl have in her purse? It’s ridic!

Still going strong with my Altoids container. I was on the hunt for a pattern or one off of Etsy, but the hunt just fizzled. The time will come, I’m sure…

So instead of making a pincushion I made a different kind of pouch.

a pouch that can stand on its own! what is in this pouch, you ask…

just…JUNK. stuff I don’t want floating around aimlessly in my purse.

I have a total of 2 pouches in my purse at all times. No more, no less. This one and my other flat one carries all my gift cards 🙂 MUST. ALWAYS. CARRY AROUND. FREE. MONEY!

I hear that craft fair season has begun. Lil sis has decided to not participate in any fairs this year! what! talk about LONG breaks! What to do…I better get my butt in gear! Could my own break be over already? If I do a fair alone, will you please come visit me so I can get some bathroom breaks (one of my fears of working a fair alone…thanks to JustJenn!) haha!

big sis