I’ve slowly given up on the idea of scrapbooking. Ha! Geez…as if I even started! Well, does getting out the blank albums and pages count?

I had so much going on that by the evening, I was emotionally drained AND NOT willing to do anything besides sit on the couch and watch TV or hit the gym. Such an oxymoron (can I use that here?). The main goal during the last 2 weeks was to find a drop off preschool for the twins and I have successfully found one! Hurray for compulsivity! It was not an easy task but it is done. Now all I have to do is register them and my mind will be at peace! haha! if only that was possible…next on my list, birthday venues! I’ll wait a month before I go crazy trying to plan their 4th birthday party.

So now that preschool has been decided upon, I have no excuse to be lazy. I don’t know what it is…why can’t a busy mom of twins just want to veg in the evening without feeling so unproductive?! my feelings = self induced. I’m sorry, I really need to stop ranting (and stop feeling so guilty about nothing).

ANYWAYS, I made a lil something for my daughter last night. It took less than 5 minutes to make but I knew she was going to LOVE it. I love leaving completed craft projects in their bed. Too bad I don’t have a camera in their room so I could see their reaction when they wake up. My kids earn lil gifts/trinkets/junk for reading (no, my 3 year olds are not reading! we are reading to them) from our mommy and me preschool. We found these cute lil bears decked out in McDonald’s attire in the treasure chest. And it would have been perfect if my daughter’s bear did not look so boyish. Here was my attempt to girl-ify it.

a Hello Kitty bandana…thank you very much!

It worked. She thinks her bear is “soooo cute”.

Full steam ahead!

big sis