There are so many exciting things to celebrate this year! Big sis’ twins are turning 4, my good friend is having a boy, another good friend is having a baby, my other good friend is getting married this fall, and my lil one is turning 2! So many events to look forward to! I can’t wait!

I get sidetracked so easily, and I started looking into baby shower decorations which led to birthday decorations. You know, November isn’t very far away! I’m joking, but I did spend the last hour reading misc blogs about the cutest party themes and decorations.

What I found and maybe can incorporate into a future 2nd birthday party or shower:

{via Captain kk}

I’ve seen the tissue pom-poms used in many parties, so maybe these honeycomb balls can be the “next” popular decoration. Martha Stewart also has a tute on this here.

{via Jessica Claire Photography}

Wow, a lot of thought went into that Alice in Wonderland birthday party! I wish I could have been invited to have tea with those gals! I don’t think a two year old could appreciate something like this 😛

{via Amelie’s House}

My fave! Can you believe that’s a Hello Kitty pinata? So adorable! Lila is in love with her HK collection of goodies. I can just imagine her going gaga over all of this cuteness.

Anyhow, that’s enough for now. Have a great week everyone!

-lil sis