Part II of the “house” pants.

They were not a complete success. My twins are on the smaller side and I should have taken this into account when using McCall’s pattern but live and learn. Actually, I should have learned after the first round with my daughter’s! sigh.

This was my first attempt at using a store bought pattern. The next time I use a pattern, I will have to incorporate Dana‘s tips and size the clothing so that they fit a bit better on my kids. The one thing I purposely did was make the pants longer and then hemmed them. AS IF! As if they are going to want to wear Care Bear and Spiderman pants until they are teens! haha! THEN…after they wore them around the house a bit, I realized that they were still a tad too long so had to cuff them. Talk about making them last! Sheesh!

Anyways, here they are

Perfect timing, on my part. Just as they are getting use to changing into their FLANNEL “house” pants, the weather decides to warm up. Guess I’ll have to make them some “house” shorts now!

big sis