The twins and I are on spring break 🙂 and although that thrills me to bits and pieces, it also means that I’m scheduled for something EVERYDAY! How is this possible?

We spent yesterday morning at Pretend City.

sigh. What should have been a fun outing was a bit stressful for all of us. B/c EVERYONE was on spring break too!!! duh! The place was jammed packed!

It’s a cute place where the pretend restaurant/kitchen, pretend Ralphs, pretend construction zone, pretend farm, pretend post office, so forth are all kid-size.

But their downfall? not dropping their room capacity! and at $10 a person (no discount for the kiddos unless they are 12 months and under), we were going to get our money’s worth! It is definitely a place to go to at least once but for someone who lives 30 miles away, I think I will pass on future outings there.

By the way, you may (or may not have, which in that case…good!) have noticed that my pictures are the same quality! My new camera arrived last week but…but so many reasons and excuses! I have not made time to give my new camera 100% of my attention so although she finally made it out of the box, she sits prettily on my desk. I’ve gone through half of the manual. My goal is to get it up and running by the end of this week and I promise to show you some awesome pictures!

big sis