I know…it’s only mid-week but I do feel like this week has gone by rather quickly. Perhaps, b/c I’ve been so busy!

Today’s agenda: pretending to be car-less! Yep! So my brakes were scaring the crap out of me and instead of waiting around for a Toyota-like incident (yes, I said it!), I decided that they needed to be changed! My in-laws volunteered their babysitting and car services but I chose the hard way…take public transportation! Afterall, the kids need some kind of “education” during spring break…who cares if they are only 3 years old! I researched the routes, spoke to the transportation peops just to verify the schedule was up to date, mapped and printed everything out, packed drinks and snacks and prepared myself, emotionally and physically.

We dropped the car off and the twins and I were ready for our big “bus adventure” (that’s what they called it). I hauled butt for a lil over 1 mile to get to the bus stop. I was NOT going to miss the bus. Then PANIC! Where’s the bus stop? Where’s the sign?! There was no turning back. Their car seats were a mile away and I was NOT going to back down. I walked back and forth on the street and imagine the joy, the thrill, the excitement when I come across this…

We are ready to rock and roll! Our city is small so we have smaller buses but I was not prepared to load the twins AND the double stroller into a crowded bus. sigh. and just my luck…other caregivers wanted to take their peops for an educational adventure.

We made it to the “staging area”, aka the spot where you transfer buses, which coincidentally is right in front of our library! Perfect! We checked out some books and made it back on the 2nd bus…only to learn that lunch plans were made and I again would have to walk the streets. I sucked it up and agreed to walk to the restaurant. What a girl won’t do to get a decent meal πŸ™‚

By this time it was reaching at least the mid-70s and although I had checked the weather in the morning, I was not planning on being out for this long so needless to say, I was not fully prepared 😦 When we reached the restaurant, I was a sweaty mess and my kids…let’s just say that I’m sure they are happy to have the car back.

If you’ve made it this far into today’s post…thank you! After living in this city for YEARS, I can finally say that I know how to take the city bus! And yes, I am VERY proud of myself and my kids πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!

big sis