It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! I’ve been busy with a new job – taking care of my cousin’s son (fourth grader) after school everyday.

It’s been about a month now, and I have to say it’s been one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had! He’s a great kid. Eats anything. Loves to read. Loves my daughter. That’s a plus!

Today was the start of his Spring Break, and we or I should say I decided we wouldn’t watch any TV. I try my best to give him things to do instead of watching the tube all day because I know when he gets home, he goes straight for the TV. I had about five hours with him, and I didn’t want to drive anywhere. I was thinking to myself, gosh is it this hard to think of something fun to do without technology? No tv meant no internet too.

So we went old school! We played a game of Sorry. This reminded me of the good ol days when I used to play Mouse Trap and Clue with my fam. We played a few games of Hide and Seek with my daughter. This was pretty pathetic. My lil one had no idea what we were doing. We basically just hid from her, and she would follow us laughing hysterically because we were both trying to fit into small spaces with her right behind our trail. We also took a nice long walk around the lake. The fourth grader who just learned about the eco-system and birds was giving me a lesson about what he learned and pointed out all the different birds we saw. American Coots, Mallard Ducks, Peking Ducks…geez, I felt a lil dumb. I’ve been telling my daughter this whole time to look at the black birds, the colorful ducks, and the big white geese. After our walk, we came inside and made some origami. Paper folding goes a long way! That kept us busy for a whole five hours, and I have to say I felt much more accomplished than having just sat in front of the TV watching endless cartoons.

So now, I’m going to make a point of not watching TV while I’m caring for him. I’m going to buy a basketball, another board game, and make a list of all the outdoor old school games that we used to play like Mother May I and Hop Scotch. Do you have any other suggestions of what I can do for fun with a fourth grader and a 16 month old? đŸ™‚

lil sis