I had the privilege of attending a baby shower this past weekend and wanted to include something handmade. My go-to? the DIAPER CAKE! and I thought of doing a tutorial on it but seriously, you can find SO MANY, I’m talking SOOOO MANY, tutorials on youtube! When did this happen and why am I so late in the game? Lots of cute ideas out there!

I’m a bit of a minimalist and I like to keep mine clean and free from distractions 🙂 And if your cake is your present to the mommy, then you can definitely add tons of lil goodies and hide a bunch of additional presents inside the cake.

But if you’re like me and have other stuff that you MUST give, you can keep the cost of the diaper cake down by recycling items. So here’s what materials I used for mine.

The Rice Krispy box (b/c I make SO MANY!) was used as the cylinder inside the cake…basically what holds the cake together. I cut mine so that it was 3 inches in diameter and stapled. Now for the height, depending on what size diaper you use, just place 2 diapers side by side to see how tall your cylinder needs to be and cut.

I use size 1 Huggies diapers (the 50 pack) and generally speaking, I have at least 8-10 leftover. Give them to the mommy or if you don’t want to be uncouth by giving an open bag of only 10 diapers, save them for your next diaper cake 🙂

Lots of tutorials use those clear rubber bands to hold the rolled diapers. Me? I use tape! Afterall, what am I going to do with the leftover rubber bands? I suppose I could save them for the next diaper cake but at this point in my life, I have accumulated SO much darn stuff that sometimes, things get lost, misplaced, thrown out, or my kids find it (and in that case, it no longer is mine)! Plus, I’m not crazy about the cinched-in-the-center look. Just me. Depending on how tight you roll your diapers, you may need to use 2 pieces of tape to keep it from unraveling. Then you start building.

If it’s your first time making one, I would definitely watch some tutorials on youtube.

I don’t add too much other stuff except the washcloths and a cake topper, which is generally some type of booties (knitted or cloth). Here’s what I do with the washcloths. Grab it in the center and let it hang.

Then take hold of it somewhere 2/3 up and it should look like a flower.

Tie some curling ribbon around it.

Stick them in any holes you can find in your diaper cake! Here’s where I suck! I made some cute booties much like these ones and placed them on the top. And in my lost-my-mind-b/c-I’m-trying-to-do-too-much state of mind, I forgot to take pictures of the completed cake 😦 Here are some pictures of diaper cakes we’ve made in the past.

Lil sis made one for me…

I made one for her…

And you can keep the oohs and the aaahs of seeing a diaper cake going 🙂

big sis