So I’m back from our mini vaca today, back from the gym tonight. and before I get all washed up, I thought I’d share with you that I’m thoroughly done with party planning! I know…I always think this and every year, I decide that the twins MUST have a full blown party X 2. So now that I’m back, I’m on think, sleep, eat party mode. Invites have been sent and I must admit, they turned out cute. Well, the Star Wars one…not so much. But the Minnie one, oh-so-cute! Like I always say, there are so much more cuter things out there (in the universe) for girls!

I am playing catch up with my life despite only being gone for 3 days. My new camera is up and running and I have seriously missed out on awesome pictures.

So for now…just thought I’d let you know those few things. And I cannot wait to show you my life!


big sis