I completely lost track of time and lil sis reminded me a few weeks ago that I am running out of time and must send the twin’s birthday party invitations! Now, I know what etiquette says about when to send out wedding invitations, baby shower and bridal shower invitations but what is appropriate for your average kid’s b-day party??? I ended up giving 3 weeks…I figure it’s probably a tad bit too much time but better to be early than late, I say.

So the theme. Minnie Mouse and Star Wars. ??? WHAT?! How? Is it possible to combine the two forces? It’s all too strange. I got lucky b/c we are again having it elsewhere so I do not need to worry about prepping for games, pinatas, major decorations. phew!

First step: the invitations. I made TWO different invitations…Minnie went to the girls and Darth Vader went to the boys, for obvious reasons. Who cares if they have the same set of friends 🙂 Unfortunately, this led to alot of confusion amongst the parents.

“Are they not having a joint party?”

“Why aren’t you celebrating it together?”

“Are you having 2 parties?”


Here are the their invitations. I could have done a simple, cute flat card but I’m ol’ school and still piecing together paper, scrapbook style.  There are a few people on Ebay and Etsy doing this card; it can be a bit time consuming if you are making a bunch but completely doable if you only have to make 10 (my own limit). I started with a template.

I purchased black 6 x 6 square envelopes and enlarged Minnie’s head until it fit snugly into the envelope. Then the hard part. You could trace the template onto your black cardstock with a white pencil but I didn’t want to deal with having to cut PERFECTLY and/or erasing anything so I scored it…with a chopstick! like so…

(we’ll get to this image in a bit) Excuse the popping veins; you really have to press hard to get the lines to show on black paper 🙂

I found a Minnie/Mickey font and also sized the wording so that it would fit perfectly in the center of her head.

Next? the fun part. Accessorizing her! Machine sewed up a bunch of tiny bows and then hand sewed the bows in the center.

So cute!

I had a very hard time with the whole Star Wars theme. Yes, again could have done a simple, flat card but I wanted to keep it consistent with my daughter’s invites so I found an image online (as shown above) and blew it up so that it too would fit snugly in the 6 x 6 envelope. Same for the wording…adjust the size, print, cut out the shape, and then glue them on to the cardstock.

Here’s where the problem lies for these invites. The color combo. Sure, they matched Minnie’s but they probably would have looked much better if the inner paper was a dark grey. Little do I know…I could NOT get anything to show up on the dark grey paper! I panicked, researched, and learned something about ink and your printer and yada, yada, yada. Had some vellum leftover from previous invites and ended up using those. They look a bit “skeletor” in my opinion but I had to work with what I have.

Next up…the birthday banner, the party favors, oh and I’m going to attempt to make something I have seriously been ooo-ing and ahh-ing about and I cannot believe I didn’t know about her and her thingies. All to come…

big sis

p.s., these pictures were taken with my old camera 🙂

Update: the template is finally up here! Yay!