SILKWORMS…all to educate the kids! and b/c my twins are fascinated with bugs!

Our mommy and me preschool introduced us to silkworms about 3 weeks ago. Of course, I was utterly disgusted with the sight…esp b/c as tiny ones, they do look like maggots! They have been growing for almost 3 weeks and it is amazing to watch them grow. even for a squeamish girl like me! Some of the “brave” parents have been babysitting the silkworms and I got “talked” into it. I got on my phone and did a lil bit of research before agreeing. Afterall, I do not want them climbing out of the box or becoming moths overnight and flying all over my house!

Day 1 at our house!

close up. They are super soft…almost like touching velvet but instead you’re caressing a worm!

an hour later. time for another feeding.

big sis

p.s. pictures taken on my new camera. can you tell?