Sorry for the lack of posts…babysitting silkworms + party planning = limited time on the computer. I don’t know why I went so crazy with this birthday…it’s not like 4 is THAT big of a deal…meaning, it’s not 5 or 10 or 16! At this rate, my kids are really gonna start expecting ALOT from me.

The Minnie Mouse and Darth Vader invitations set the theme and there was no turning back. I didn’t have to prepare much in regards to decorations mainly due to the venue’s restrictions but I did make a paper banner. I thought long and hard on this one. Minnie and Darth Vader??? What would the font be? the colors of the papers? I ended up with something neutral, simple. Black letters on white cardstock then glued to black cardstock. Below “Happy Birthday”, I enlarged Darth Vader’s helmet and glued a picture of my son’s face and did the same with Minnie’s head and my daughter’s face. I was not about the spell their names out!

banner is up in our house. can’t let all that work go to waste!

For favors…ugh…the favors. What to fill the bags up with was easy! The bags themselves…that was a challenge. Let’s just say that if you are wanting specific things/objects to face upright, then DON”T make drawstring pouches! Otherwise, you’ll have to spend SO. MUCH. TIME. figuring out where to cut, how to cut, mix and match panels. I started off with Minnie and lined the interior then thought to myself…why? Do 4-5 year olds really care if their pouches are lined with pretty pink butterflies? So after finishing up the girl’s pouches, I threw out the idea of lining the boy’s pouches. HA! I considered for a split second about serging them but #1 I DO NOT have a serger πŸ™‚ and #2 I have better things to do with my time!

Filled with playdoh, bubbles, candy, fruit roll ups, water squirters

This is the 1st year in which I did not purchase birthday cakes (plural, because I have always purchased 2! one for each!). I recently discovered Bakerella. I know, where the heck have I been? You MUST check out her site. Cake pops! Cupcake pops! Minnie mouse cake pops! All to die for! So I was set on making some Minnie Mouse cake pops shown here. But I never did a trial run, screwed up here and there and ended up with some not-so-cute ones. Here’s how they looked before dipping in chocolate.

Not bad, right? Actually, cute! But things quickly got messy once they were dipped. They either wanted to fall off the stick or crack. I’m sorry…even I have some pride and cannot show you the final product!

I ended up picking the “best” 8 and still served them. After all that work, I was not gonna let 8 4-5 year olds down…not that they knew I was making these πŸ™‚ You don’t even want to know what I “attempted” for the boys. Let’s just leave it at that. Despite my mess ups, all the pops were eaten up! YAY for preschoolers who don’t know or care if things are perfect! I also made some mini and regular sized cupcakes and lil sis helped me out by making cute cake toppers.

My twins had the time of their lives! They’re at such a fun age where they know their likes and dislikes, where they’re developing friendships, communicating silly things with their friends, and appreciating things. The past 3 weeks of planning was all worth it! We have one more party planned at our mommy and me preschool and I’m done! I haven’t decided what to make…cake pops or cupcake pops. No trial run…just gonna wing it. Hopefully, they’ll turn out cute enough where I can show you! fingers crossed…

big sis