but I really think that I could make this skirt.

J Crew’s Beach Chambray Lucca Skirt

Not this short…but wouldn’t it be perfect for the beach or on vaca when wearing something this short is a bit more acceptable for a mommy? Looks pretty easy to make too!

if only…if only I wasn’t so behind on my life! Do you think you could ever catch up and do all that you want to do in a day? I always ask my kids “shall we just give up?” and then I follow it up with “no, we NEVER give up. we can do it!”. All this just so that when they grow up and they consider giving up on something, they hear my voice of encouragement 🙂 and right about now, even when I want to give up and erase my list of things to do…I will NOT! Afterall, what kind of role model would I be to my twins? if only…

big sis