And now what you’ve all been waiting for (if you get squeamish looking at worms, do NOT read further), the status on our silkworms!

They have been thriving as you can see. We were so fascinated with the whole process that I went a step further. Remember, all this to educate the twins! and NOT because I enjoy seeing these creatures so close to my kitchen. Don’t ask. But that was the safest spot where the kids could ooh and aah over them without any threats of the box being dumped on the floor accidentally and poop being scattered on my carpet! I digress. So I went a step further…overachiever that I am.

Made a chart for the twins to share during share time

Many days later…

29 cocoons!

And this is now what we stare at daily. I must admit…I am now a bit disgusted and I don’t think that I can wait 15 more days (they stay inside their cocoons for approx 21 days) for them to come out of their cocoons. And once they are out…ugh! The moths do not fly b/c they have been domesticated but 29 moths flapping around, mating, and laying eggs…I think that’s when I say ENOUGH. The box full of cocoons will be going back to school come Monday!

I hope you enjoyed Silkworms 101!

big sis