I can’t believe summer is almost here! Our little fam has big plans for the summer, and I’m so excited! We’ll be going to Chicago in June (though I wish we were going in July for Taste of Chicago) and San Diego hopefully in August. There are also plans to rearrange furniture and buy some new pieces and also paint…wooohooo, I can’t wait. Redecorating makes me happy!

I’m trying to keep a busy summer schedule. I’ve signed my daughter up for swimming and summer school. Lila’s almost 18 months now, and she’s so interested in everything around her. It’s amazing to hear her say more words. The hubs and I have been careful about what we say because she’ll repeat certain words that shouldn’t be repeated! I’ve been trying to teach her ABC’s…actually I should say “A”. I haven’t gone further than that! She seems to be interested in these learning posters that I’ve posted around my kitchen, but when I try to sit her down and go into teacher mode, she walks away. I try?!

There are so many places I want to go this summer, and I’m determined to check them all of my list.

1.) The Butterfly Exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I can just see my daughter squealing at all the butterflies and moths flying freely. Big sis and I have plans on going, but you know it’s an ordeal to figure out when and what time to go with twins and a toddler.

2.) World of Color Water Show at Disneyland California Adventure. I’m sad that the whole month of July and practically August is blocked off. I couldn’t get myself to pay for the premier annual pass. $400+??? I would make myself go every week to make it seem worth it. The water show debuts on 6/11, so I’ll have to wait till the end of August :/

3.) The beach. I don’t remember the last time I actually went to the beach to sunbathe and play in the water. I’m determined to go with my daughter this summer!

4.) San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Wild Animal Park… we wanted to take a mini trip without having to fly anywhere, so I’m hoping we can getaway to San Diego.

That’s it for now. I’ve been super busy making dolls for my friend’s kids and for baby showers. I’m so excited to use my new batch of fabrics!

I am in love with fabrics with lettering like the first two.  Why can’t I find a store that sells Japanese fabrics? I would visit weekly…

-lil sis