Let’s go strawberry picking! I was super excited when this field trip came up. I had my new camera, my son as a partner (my daughter was my partner last year and I didn’t get any pictures of my son with red juice stains all over his mouth!), and some experience with picking perfect strawberries.

The pictures…much better than last year.

the scarecrow…a lil scary


And then we got to the strawberries.

rows and rows

So I thought… They were juicy, plump, and in abundance last year. Very much the opposite this time around. Don’t get me wrong…if you found bright red ones, they were yummy regardless of size but you had to “look” for them.

And now, you no longer fill your own containers, which means you spend more time eating strawberries until you start to realize that yes, you are eating warm strawberries…

I’m hoping this was an off year for Tanaka Farms. Otherwise, it could be my last visit 😦

big sis