Sew-fest 2010 has begun at my house, which only means lists have been made and a whole mess of dolls have been cut…37 to be exact and that is not including paperweights! Yikes! what the heck am I thinking?!

I have been pacing myself and working on a few things every night but I’m definitely going to have to weed some of the least favorites out. Afterall, I refuse to stay up until the wee hours of the morning sewing like a mad woman! Somehow, this pile of lil sisters will have to shrink!

It’s always a bittersweet time this time of the year. Our mommy and me preschool is slowly wrapping things up and almost half of the class will be “graduating” to Kindergarten. It is a bit like school for the mommies; we build relationships with one another over the year, bonding over silly things “it’s them against us”, working on projects, playing together at field trips, AND most importantly being there for our children, sharing in the joys and challenges of parenting. Knowing that we’ll be saying goodbye very soon is a bit sad for me. Oh, I do hope that I will NOT be an emotional wreck that day! Can you imagine! and then when the twins and I graduate in another year and I’ll have to say bye to those parents/kids whom I’ve shared 3 years with…ugh, box of kleenex, please! sigh…guess this is what happens when your kids grow up. If only I could freeze time…just so I could do this with my twins for a few more years. Wouldn’t it be so great to go to school with your kids until 1st grade???!!! or maybe not…who am I kidding!

big sis