We said goodbye to our silkworms about 3 weeks ago (took them back to preschool); it was getting to be too much for me 🙂 It was a good thing because they have been coming out of their cocoons, flapping away, and laying tons of eggs! phew. perfect timing!

The silkworms sparked something, something I don’t know if I can keep up every year… We have moved on to butterflies. The twins received this as a birthday present and as soon as we said bye to our silkworms, the butterfly larvae arrived. So. Much. Easier. There is no need to feed them since the food is provided in the jar. Containment…that’s what I like.

Approx 10 days later, here they are.

beginning the transformation into chrysalis

the chrysalis stage

Absolutely amazing! I was bit worried as to how I was going to take off the lid and place the chrysalis inside the mesh habitat. But if I can handle silkworms and their poop, this has got to be a piece of cake right?

Phew! Thankfully, none of them fell off and they are resting comfortably in their “new home”. In a few days, Painted Lady butterflies will emerge and we cannot wait!

And since we are learning about the butterfly’s cycle of life, we took the opportunity to visit the Pavilion of Wings exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I pictured a tent where tons of butterflies were flying around and although there were quite a few, I was a tad bit disappointed. We arrived as soon as the doors opened and b/c of the cold morning, many butterflies were warming up by resting on the ground.

Wait a sec…butterflies on the ground? tons of kids running around…not watching where they step. Well, one can only imagine what happens to many of the butterflies 😦

My son and I got lucky today. One landed on my arm and another brushed up against his cheek. Imagine the joy on his face…esp b/c he is so in love with insects!

$3 for adults; kids 5 and under are free. It definitely is a place you want to visit at least once, especially if your kids are learning about insects and the “cycle of life”.

big sis

p.s. I ❤ my camera! 🙂