When I had all the time in the world (pre-kids), when I saw something I liked, that I had to have, I searched for it and purchased it. Fast forward to life with twins…see something, file it in my brain, which ALWAYS gets lost, and then IF I happen to come across it and it triggers something, then I purchase it.

So what the heck am I talking about? I have a friend, justJENN and if you peruse her blog, you will find that she bakes, I mean, bakes ALOT. and she manages to find the cutest, MUST HAVE things! When she blogged about her Hello Kitty cookie cutters, I filed it. And out of all places, I found it in Hawaii! When she blogged about her Star Wars cookie cutters, filed again. And on a mall outing with the kids, we walked by Williams-Sonoma and I made the purchase. Now the thing is, I don’t really bake all that much to justify buying them but how could you not, right?

So since our mommy-and-me preschool is coming to an end this week, perfect opportunity to make some cookies! I chose to make sugar cookies (recipe from here. Thanks, Jenn!) and although I’m not really a big fan of sugar cookies, they were yummy. I added 1/2 tsp of vanilla based on the reviews of the recipe.

Hello Kitty cookies. Had to show off my daughter’s new PEZ dispensers.

Star Wars cookies.

I did a half a**ed job, I must confess. No icing. It would be so much cuter with but I was running out of time (story of my life) and most importantly, to research the how-to’s and NOT mess up…ugh…could NOT risk it.

how they could look…{image from Williams-Sonoma}

Update on my sewing for Renegade: my desk is a mess, the floor is a mess, but all is good with the world b/c I am on schedule. My mind is focused and I’m shooting for 56 dolls in total. WHAT?! Yes, you heard read that correct! this lil gal will be sewing and hopefully completing 56 dolls. AND they must be completed by July. WHAT?!

big sis