I’ve been a bit MIA lately because I’m preggers! Yes, I’m having a girl, and I couldn’t be any happier! There’s a bond between sisters that you just can’t explain. Cross my fingers that Lila will adore the new addition instead of … ugh don’t want to think of the opposite.

But, let me tell you it was a rough 1st tri. Whew. Whoever said saltine crackers, Perrier, Vitamin B, ginger anything, etc would solve nausea was wrong in my case. Nothing helped. The only upside to nightly throwing up was that I didn’t gain too much weight. 😛 I vowed that I wouldn’t gain the 50+ pounds this time around.

Many people have been saying my 19mo could sense something’s different, and I believe it now. Lila has been clingy, more fussy, and wanting me and not daddy to hold her. Do I smell differently? I know I definitely look different. My growing belly is no joke. How do some women get away with wearing their pre-preg clothes past 15 weeks? Craziness I tell you. In any case, she sure is acting differently + entering her terrible 2’s doesn’t help.

I’m looking forward to our growing family but not looking forward to moving the furniture around. My sewing area will be temp closed for prob a month while we combine our guest room and office into one. I need to find a cheap but comfy daybed asap for the in-laws. I found a few that I liked…

Ikea Hemnes

CB2 Lucite Daybed

Overstock Convertible Sofa Bed

Does this look too much like a futon though? Futons remind me of college days which I don’t want.

Time to start saving money. I have big ideas for Lila’s toddler room. Hopefully I can finish up all my projects on a budget.

-lil sis