Pregnancy #1, slept fine. Pregnancy #2, major insomnia! My body is tired, but my brain is fully awake. I just can’t get myself to sleep. Soooo…that leaves me with surfing the internet for ideas on how to decorate our shared office and guest room.

I had all these ideas in my head on where to put my existing furniture in the guest room which currently has a queen bed and a small nightstand. I figured I would get rid of the queen bed and replace it with a daybed to save space. Wrong. The hubs decided we can move the queen bed in a different direction so that our 5ft office desk and three bookcases can fit like one big happy family. I measured it myself and literally there will be no room to move! I’m forced to move my fabric bookcase in the closet. I can prob argue this one and win, but I decided to give it a try. I’m itching and I mean ITCHING to get this shared room complete asap. Why can’t Ikea be a five minute drive from here? Being pregs and having a toddler to watch makes redecorating a huge challenge.

I definitely need shelving above my desk like this:

via sweet home style

and a nice clean looking corkboard like this

via flickr

and I’ll be happy!

-lil sis