I am still recovering from Renegade. Updating the shop, putting away items, getting the house/family back on its normal schedule…try doing this with twins who are craving your undivided attention. Poor kids. When I get into “craft fair mode”, I try my best not to sew or do “business” related things when they are up, but you know…it’s inevitable. esp when the date nears. And while I’m good at multi-tasking, I’m sure I’m not that good 🙂

Lil sis and I had such a busy day! We had to make a paperweight doll and send some samples out in a matter of a few hours. It could be big or a bust so won’t get into it until I hear back. You would think that having one adult watch 3 kids while the other adult makes a doll is doable but we are outnumbered. sigh. I can’t imagine when lil sis has her 2nd!

After running around like crazy women in the morning, we spent the afternoon at the OC Fair. Why? WHY is it so much more crowded this year?! ugh. You know me and crowds just do NOT get along. I may have to rethink this going-to-the-OC Fair-yearly-business.

If you MUST go, you MUST try the Australian battered potatoes. Lil sis and I were making fun of ourselves…our first round of food orders included corn dogs and a hamburger. WHAT! Well, in our defense, the corn dogs were not your normal size ones. They were ginormous! They better be for $9! Unfortunately, when you are trying to feed hungry kids, trying to balance food on the canopy of the stroller while pushing the double stroller through crowds, trying to look for an area to park the strollers and eat, taking pictures is the last thing on my mind. Our next round was going to be the roasted corn but after the corn dog, hamburger, and potatoes, we agreed that we only had space left for funnel cake. Hmmm…maybe that’s what people go for…the food? ya think?

big sis