I got inspired by Sillie Smile after reading about how she mod podged fabric on her coffee table.

My lil one has gone crayon crazy with her Ikea table. Looks like this (but with many, many crayon marks):

She’s been using her table as a reading nook and puzzle area now instead of a drawing board, so I decided to give this table a face lift. As a new mom, I didn’t think about buying washable crayons. Hello! Big tip for you new moms! Anyhow, I bought some Hello Kitty fabric to decoupage over the table …

This fabric is perfect for Lila! It has “duckies” aka birds, trains which she knows all too well about because of her hand me down Thomas the train from her nephew, apple trees which she actually can recognize now after teaching her how many times from her ABC poster(!), and of course, Hello Kitty herself. It’s nice to know that baby #2 is a girl as well. I can start doing projects like this without thinking twice about it being too girly, ya know?

I can’t wait till my fabric arrives! Seems like an easy project. The only material I don’t have for this project is Mod Podge which can be found at Michaels, Joanns, any craft store.

Will let you know how it goes!

-lil sis