Table runner

I am checking things off my list! So I finished up a custom order and I decided…I’m taking a break! Now or never! I WILL take a break…well, for the next few weeks 🙂 and then depending on how I feel, I will transform back into the crazy-mad-woman-who-locks-herself-in-her-craft room-every-time-her-kids-sleep. Phew!

Back to my table runner…

I purchased this fabric awhile ago with the intention of making a table runner. In my mind, there was going to be this panel, some sort of patchwork, and linen involved. And here’s what I ended up with.

One of my pet peeves with store bought runners is that they are ALWAYS too long! Yes, I know that they come in different sizes but I am never happy with the length. Who wants to sit at the end of the table with something dangling on their lap or something sweeping at their knees. Not I! So I made mine short! HA!

And I love it! So much that I’m scared it’s going to get dirty 🙂 The only thing that took forever was the bias trim. Handmade and hand sewn! It only took me about 3 sessions (=3 evenings when the twins are sleeping). All worth it. What do you think? Should I make some placemats to go with it?

big sis