Finally got around to making another inspiration board for Baby #2. Yes, still no name! So here is what her nursery might look like???

Top (Clockwise):

1.) Round Flokati Rug – found one on Overstock. But this particular picture is from ebay. Not sure if I want to get a 5′ or 6′ rug.

2.) Aqua Chiffon Paint

3.) Heather Ross Mendocino Fabric from Etsy – make a pillow or two? Perhaps sew up a floor cushion so each girl can have one.

4.) Pottery Barn Teen Lamp Base

5.) Ikea Expedit Bookcase – I’m working with a 11’x13′ room, but I can definitely squeeze this in near her window.

6.) Decoy Lab Wood Clock

7.) Paper Suitcases – Scored some from Home Goods! But you can find them at Pink Loves Brown or Land of Nod.

8.) Jenny Lind Spindle Crib – love this crib!

I want to get this clock from Decoy Lab‘s Bamboo Collection for my room…

Isn’t it so pretty?

This one too!  I desperately do need a clock in my room. The hubs and I are so picky about clocks that don’t make a single noise, so we’ve bought and returned about 5 or 6 clocks because they’ve all made ticking sounds. Anyone suggest a place where I can buy one that doesn’t make a peep? We’re both such sensitive sleepers. :/

-lil sis