I was SOOOOO ecstatic when I found this tutorial on how to make a Land of Nod inspired Floor Cushion. Land of Nod’s cushion looks like this…

Serena and Lily has a square version of a floor cushion/chair…

With the tutorial, I made this happy, colorful floor cushion/chair/whatever you want to call it!

It has its own handle, so the lil one can carry it around wherever she wants.

And of course, it has many uses.

Works as a floor cushion

Works as a sitting area for all her duckies…

And it works as a way to block her from getting out of time out. I tried giving her a time out this morning, and it didn’t work.  You can’t tell from this picture, but she was giggling away and babbling to herself like we were playing a game.

I bought this home decor fabric from Superbuzzy. It’s called International Patchwork, and I love the lil matryoshkas scattered about!

I have to say the tutorial was easier than it looked. I got stuck on cutting out a 17″ circle because I didn’t have a compass handy, and I did not want to go out and buy one. So…I made a circle by hand. I drew a middle point at 8.5″ (half of 17″) and measured many, many, MANY points 8.5″ out. I then connected those points to make a circle. Tedious, yes, but it saved me a trip to Staples and some $!

I’m still waiting for my HK fabric to mod podge on my table. This is what I get when ordering from Japan. Shipping takes way too long! I wish I could find a local seller, but big sis and I have looked and had no luck.

-lil sis