The family and I got back from an over-nighter in San Diego. We sure did pick the hottest week to go! We visited Legoland for the first time and I must say that this was my favorite part of the park…

the miniland! OMG! absolutely, freakin’ amazing! It’s kinda hard to see how mini everything is without a person standing next to it but trust me, they are really small!

I was never much of a Lego builder myself as a kid but this “land” is just so creative! I’d like to think that every single piece/building/apparatus/etc is made up of Legos (my husband think that only the outside layer is…he’s always there to burst my bubble!)

So fascinating to me. It reminds me a lil of my childhood…not so much the Lego part but the action of building something and leaving it intact. Remember…I lived a bit of a sheltered life (well, that’s what my friends say),  so I spent time engaging in solo activities, like puzzles. I would spend days working on it and then instead of breaking it apart, I would glue it to a piece of cardboard and hang it up. So nerdy, huh? awww…but the satisfaction!

Anyways, enough of the glimpse into my childhood. I have been organizing a block garage/yard sale, which means de-clutter and organize! Oh, how I LOVE doing this. I’m probably ridding too much of my kids’ stuff but I’m a bit tired of having every part of my house be a kid zone. I must reclaim a small portion of my house back! You would think that having a play room would mean that the toys PLUS the kids stay in there but it’s just a storage room for them!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. and I finally made some space for my fabric. Now, they can breathe! I’ll have to take pictures of the new and improved work area. I’m utterly excited to free up some desk space. Hopefully, I can take care of the desk area this week. I’m not that great with finding wall studs, using the thingies that expand into the drywall, etc…so may end up being a weekend job for the husband, that is, after our huge garage sale 😛 I’m thoroughly excited! I’ll leave you with one last picture.

big sis