I’m talking about paint here. So remember the post about Baby #2’s Inspiration Board? I found a turquoise paint color called Aqua Chiffon that I wanted for her room and now I’m thinking WHAT HAVE I DONE?! The room was painted today, and I just saw the end result. Whoa. It’s bright. It’s a VERY strong turquoise color. Not subtle at all.

Now I really want to kick it in high gear and start decorating the room to see what it will look like furnished rather than empty.

I took a few pics:

And I thought it would look like this:

Two totally different colors. There’s no turning back though. I guess the one thing that’s good about it is that it’s bright rather than dull and dark. Gotta start thinking positively or else I might just have to go to Lowe’s and repaint it myself!

-lil sis