I had plans this summer to make all these things and I cannot believe summer is already over! My mind has been racing and wanting to do this and that but my body…well, that’s a different story.

My twins started drop off preschool this week and what a relief…no tears were shed. In fact, it was the complete opposite! They gave me a hug and kiss goodbye and my daughter said that I could leave. Sheesh! I didn’t even get a chance to weap! haha! When I picked them up, they talked non-stop about their morning. Lil sis keeps asking me “what are you gonna do with all of your time”. My response, “relax, it’s only 3 hours!” (and they are only going twice a week!) Really, the time goes by super fast! Even faster, when you are running errands! I’m sure I’ll get into the groove of things in a month or so. I definitely need to schedule some “me” time somewhere!

So what have I been up to? besides feeling all anxious about the first day of preschool? scrapbooking! I’m on month 17 and I now only have 35 more months to complete. Someone shoot me now! I have not given up! And I’m still making 2 separate albums. At what point do you think I can stop making 2? b/c there has got to be some kind of rule out there for twins! 🙂

My work space…finally completed and I promise to have a picture of it once I clear my desk of all my scrapbooking stuff. Instead of that picture, I have this one of my Herman.

Such a rascal! I’ve been wanting to make a lil veggie garden and finally bought a small tomato plant and a basil plant. I surrounded them with ugly pots so that Herman wouldn’t be tempted. Who was I kidding! He knocked over all the pots and trampled all over the plants. The fix? create a barrier but just look at him! He’ll do anything to get into that space! My poor plants are hanging on for dear life! Time for some behavior modification training!

big sis