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I must say that I’m lovin’ the new fabric!

Strawberries on my mind…wishing summer was not over!

I have been one tired momma! Our schedule is jam packed…the kids’ and my schedule, that is.  After the twin’s nap, we don’t want to step out of the house! I kept the kids in mommy and me preschool 3x a week and started drop off preschool 2x a week. On top of that, I have the kids signed up for swim still and my son in “teeny tiny hoops” on Sat. Why did I think I could handle all of these activities? And never mind me…why did I think that THEY could handle all of this. ugh. No one will ever know! On top of that, there’s still a mad rush to sew, visits to the gym, time for the hubs, and my list could go on and on. And while I am kept super busy, I am thankful that I have one more year with my babies before they go off to Kinder, thankful that only a few tears have been shed at drop off preschool, thankful they are such good swimmers at the age of 4! and overall thankful for my life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

big sis