Yay, I’m so happy with the trim on the curtains! I finally got around to finishing them up. Let me tell you, it was a pain to find enough yellow pom pom trim. I didn’t buy enough the first time around. When I made my second trip to Joanns, they ran out…I was short a yard. I had to then make a third trip to a different Joanns this past week! Sheesh!

Finished product ($30 — $20 for the curtains, $10 for the trim)

(sorry for the poor quality…had to take these pics late afternoon and I’m still not sure how to figure out my camera)


Anthropologie Toorie Curtains ($200 for the curtains)

Anthro’s pom poms look smaller and more delicate, but I couldn’t find them anywhere! Either way, I’m happy with the final product and I think Lila is too. All the attention has been on Tabitha’s room lately, so I think it was a nice change of pace for Lila to get her room spruced up a bit. 🙂

What’s left on the checklist:

-Find a rug

-Put shelf up

-Update the lampshade

AND I’M DONE!!!! wooohooooooo. The hubs did good this wknd. He did some major work for me, and in return I promised to get a babysitter so we can do one more nice dinner before the baby comes. Where to? Not sure. Any suggestions on good restaurants in the LA/OC area?

-lil sis