Oahu never gets boring. Of course not! Who gets bored of going to the beach, having cocktails poolside, shopping, and eating lots of yummy food!

I had purchased one of those tour books, Oahu Revealed, for our last trip but didn’t get a chance to read it until we boarded the plane! This time around, I made sure to look at it the night before (not much better!) and jot down some places I wanted to visit. And funny, how they were all restaurants! Well..with the exception of our hike; the husband and I got a chance to hike Diamond Head sans kids and it will definitely not be our last time.

The rest of this post is gonna be all about the food we devoured in Hawaii! Here we go!

Our first stop…

Yes, their shrimp is talked about. Is it worth the $13? It is mighty tasty but having to sit on dirty picnic benches with flies flying all around, nowhere to wash your hands after you peel all the shrimp (there is a dinky lil sink behind the truck), you’d think that they would take this into consideration and drop the price a tad bit but here’s what you get…

Definitely a place to visit once and then again if you’re in the area. But it is a bit of a drive if you’re staying in Waikiki. And if you’re gonna stop by Giovanni’s, you might as well get some shaved ice at Matsumoto’s.

Sorry…no picture of the shaved ice. It was that good 🙂 Be sure to get the ice cream with it! Hands down, the best I’ve had so far.

I won’t lie to you, we got carried away! We stopped by the Dole Plantation to eat the Dole Whip right after. Well…we showed the kids around first and did the maze but went straight for the soft serve after!

A favorite restaurant we visit every time we’re in Hawaii is the Oceanarium. If you’re a seafood lover (and really if you LOVE crab legs and can eat about 3 plates), then this buffet is for you! And it’s perfect for kids. One side of their restaurant is a ginormous aquarium. It’s not quite floor to ceiling but it’s HUGE and it is almost the width of one side of the restaurant so lots to see while dining on seafood (uh…gross…now that I think about it). If you have kids, definitely ask for a table near the aquarium; they have special feedings where someone actually swims around and feeds the fish!

never gets old!

Now for the sweets…We ALWAYS make a couple of stops here.

No matter how full we are…even if we’ve just gotten back from a luau! we always have room for some HOT malasadas!

slightly crispy out the outside with just enough sugar. super soft and warm on the inside. SO delish! In fact, they MUST be eaten hot so we always eat them in the car ride back to our hotel! such savages! 🙂

We were lucky enough to get rsvp at Alan Wong’s. Believe the hype…it was good! And while I have no pictures of our entrees and “Da Bag” (one of their appetizers. steamed clams with kalua pig, shiitake mushrooms in a HUGE inflated foil bag), I did take a picture of our dessert.

chocolate sampler: chocolate chip cookies, candy bar, cheesecake, mousse, creme brulee, and chocolate soup (WHAT! just as it sounds weird, it tasted a lil weird too)

There you have it! I came back probably 5lbs heavier (despite all the swimming and walking around) but it was ALL. WORTH. IT. and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!

big sis