I made this one night with the help of hubs. All we did was print out the letters in font Arial Rounded MT Bold in size 575. Super huge! Hubs cut those letters out, I traced it to cardstock, and then we cut the cardstock. I punched tiny holes through the letters and strung the letters with white beading thread. I wonder if the cricut could do all of this? I might have to invest in one sometime in the future! Finally, I made small tissue pom poms to adorn the sides of the words.

I was contemplating on printing Hello Kitty’s face…but no. I’m so over my printer! We have an old school printer, and it’s been acting up this past week. I’m hoping I can still print out labels for the goody bags before my printer dies on me. Instead I cut out a red felt bow and placed it at the end of Lila’s name to represent HK.

And I’ll leave ya with a pic of another custom dollie leaving for the east coast. Thanks Fatima~

-lil sis