I always do this to myself! I make a mental note to take as many pictures prior to guests coming, and sadly I forgot to do that YET AGAIN!

I’m sooooo relieved the party is over. Planning is always the stressful part but to see my lil one have so much fun with all her friends was completely worth it! I was even shocked that she didn’t cry or fuss during the birthday song. I thought for sure she would freak out being the center of attention but she did well! I have so many pictures of her smiling during it all! The hubs forced her to take a nap in the morning, and I really think it made a difference.

I made Hello Kitty sandwiches for the kiddos – PB & J and Turkey and Cheese. I’m bummed I forgot to take a picture of them after they were done. I did take a picture of my first one with my camera phone though.

(By the way, I LIVE off of these Ikea plates! They’re bigger than your normal size dinner plates, and they’re super light and have a lip so it’s good for Lila to use.)

I purchased the HK cutter off of ebay. I love it! Lila thinks it’s some kind of treat when I make sandwiches for her with this mold.

I used this 4 ft plastic table for desserts and covered it with a 60 cent tablecloth from Michaels. Yay! I was so thrilled because it was even red and white which went with the red/white/pink theme. The balloons were purchased from ebay as well. Love ebay! I went to my local supermarket to get them blown up, and they are so much cheaper than any party supply store. Plus, I was able to pick them up really early since our market opens up at 6am.

I made some rice krispy treats the night before, and molded them into balls and stuck lollipop sticks inside. I used plain white paper bags and printed out some labels using this HK image…

for the goody bags. Girls got HK socks (dollar bin from Target and the bigger kids got HK socks purchased from ebay), stickers, fruit snacks, HK sunglasses, sugar cookies my sis made, and some other treats. Boys got the same thing minus the HK socks…instead I stuck in a pack of crayons and Jedi notepads.

Look at the cute sugar cookies big sis made with her HK cutter! She had a mixture of three different designs, but this one was my favorite!

I put them in small glassine envelopes and added a lil piece of HK tape to close it off. Can you see the grease? 🙂 It’s all good; they were super yummy.

We had a lil bouncer, and I mean that literally…we got the smallest bouncer because I didn’t think we had enough space for the regular size on my driveway. Wrong! We could have ordered a normal one. Live and learn. The party rental company said they would bring me a HK jumper free of charge, and this is what they meant…

They attached two HK banners to the sides of a regular jumper! haha! Works for me. The kiddos still had fun jumping in that small cramped space. Sorry lil ones!

My favorite part about the party was the Hello Kitty cake! Big sis’ friend made this beautiful cake – vanilla cake with custard topped with buttercream. It was bigger than I expected, and we had plenty of leftovers.

Becky taught me how to cut the cake to get the most of it…

Happy early 2nd birthday Lila! Love you xoxox

-lil sis