I’m past 40 weeks. Still waiting patiently for Tabitha’s debut. This week was actually a great one. Although it’s been uncomfortable sleeping and super hard getting up and down from the sitting position, I really made the most out of these final days of being a mom to one. I think that’s why I declined on getting induced last week? I spent some precious, much needed time with Lila and also squeezed in some time to decorate our home for Christmas.

We decided to buy an artificial tree! We kept going back and forth with this one but decided it was convenient and easy to maintain compared to the ordeal we went through with our real tree last year. I’m loving the slim tree look, and we got this pre-lit Tiffany Spruce tree from Barcana at their Black Friday sale. I’m still really bummed that I don’t have that Christmas tree smell in our home, but guess what I found today! Bath and Body Works Tree Wallflowers Home Fragrance! Smells like the real thing! I need to go to a different Bath and Body Works tomorrow because our local one was sold out.

Glass ornaments at top, kid friendly ones at the bottom. Surprisingly Lila was good about not ripping off the ornaments. She actually helped me put some on for about 5 minutes and then got bored and started stuffing them in her purse like she does with everything! She loves, loves, loves the lights so we wrapped some around our staircase and now the hubs is contemplating on decorating the outside of our home. Hmmm…I doubt that will happen.

I’ll leave ya with a pic of this fabric wreath I made last night. Impulsive craft making! I think this waiting game is making me one productive person. Very easy to make and all you need are fabric scraps and a wire hanger. Found the tutorial here.

If I have the time, I would love to make this my next project…a yarn wreath for the outside of my door. Look at this one! Beautiful! She even includes a detailed tutorial 🙂

-lil sis