Lil sis finally gave birth to her 2nd…if you haven’t heard. She looks exactly like her sister! Everyone is at home resting and adjusting to the new addition. Unfortunately, I have only visited the family once! With 4 dolls left to go, something hit me and it hit hard. I was out of commission for a few days, which is very unlike me. I don’t have the flu but I have a serious cold! plus some kind of “bacterial infection” (per my doctor). So although I’m on antibiotics and was able to see Tabi with a face mask 🙂 I’d like to be a bit better before going over again.

I was able to take a few more people off of our waitlist but other than that, I am done. Well, done with taking custom orders for a week or so. I am super excited to make some dolls with no deadline and no fear that I’m going to disappoint someone. Custom orders = heightened anxiety and pressure to have everything JUST right. So here’s what I’m thinking and it’s not 100%…10 more ready to ship dolls will be listed for x-mas delivery. You think I could do it? It’s alot of pressure but I think I can, I think I can. After completing 50 custom dolls in 1 month, what’s 10 more right?

I will keep you updated.

big sis