will be Monday, December 13! Yay! I’ve been working super hard to make one last batch of ready to ship dolls. Haven’t figured out the timing issue, however. It’s a bit tough to update the shop when I’ll be at preschool (with the twins)! I have a week to figure this timing thing out + add pictures of the dolls so bear with me 🙂

One round of antibiotics and I’m good as new. What a difference a healthy body makes. I feel like I could stay up all night and sew! I won’t, of course, because I’ve learned my lesson!

With my newfound energy, I spent the weekend decorating the house. and most importantly, I caved…my husband tried to use the “let’s go green” argument but quite honestly, although I LOVE real Christmas trees, the fake way may be the simpler way. No mess, no untangling lights, no searching through multiple trees to find the perfect one, no finding needles a year later, no getting on my tummy and using a small water bottle multiple times to water the tree, no need to stick my finger in the base to find out how much more water I need to pour (haha!). So I did what lil sis did…we bought an artificial tree.

The tree is up, the decorations are placed outside and inside, 60+ cards have been addressed by hand!, a few presents have been wrapped…I’m telling ya, I am MANIC!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my work space (when it’s clean), like I promised a LONG time ago. It’s not really the space that I’m in love with but it’s the IKEA thing-a-majig that I LOVE to death!

1 Bygel Rail + 4 Bygel Containers + 1 Bygel Wire Basket = LOVE!

As you can tell, great minds think alike! haha! I stole the idea from lil sis. Here’s her work space!

Hope you had a happy Monday! I’m off to finish a few more dolls!

big sis