could it be true? that I am done with doll making for the year? Don’t get me wrong…I am SUPER grateful and absolutely giddy inside that so many people ❤ our dolls but with lil sis being on maternity leave, my full time job as a mommy to 4 year old twins and my part time job sewing until the wee hours of the night, I was starting to get loony! So I write this with absolute joy that I am done making dolls as presents, orders, and a trade (my first trade! I am so utterly excited but we’ll be trading items in January, so you’ll have to wait until next month to find out more).

Despite the busy-ness of the shop, I still managed to enjoy all the prepping for the holidays. I always use the Wilton’s gingerbread house kit but I found the cutest one from Trader Joe’s. I’m talking CUTE! and who knew they carried it! The only bad thing…bad for me b/c I didn’t read the box and the kids were all ready to start when I realized that I had to make the icing!

Only negative…they don’t really give too much candy. And after the kids tried one of each, we were a bit short and b/c I try not to have candy in the house, we had to improvise by using lots of lemonheads.

the lil people are my favorite! how cute are they?

With 2 school parties and 1 holiday party down, we are getting ready for the BIG one. Our family Christmas party is a big deal. With a family of about 30 people, both old and young, it is a super exciting time for the kids. You can imagine how many presents each of them get!

Now on to making last minute handmade gifts. Well, last minute b/c I didn’t get a chance to start on them until now but they’ve been carefully timed and mapped out in my mind WAY before 🙂 I do hope I get to complete them. Wish me luck!

big sis