I realized after I posted this, I forgot to include a picture of the other “handmade gift”. It was too late to edit and I’ve been on the run ever since so now that I have a quiet moment to myself, here’s the other project I finished for my older nieces!

We are done with all the holiday parties and now changing gears to welcome the New Year. New Year’s is a big deal for us. It involves lots of food, family gatherings, visiting my grandmother at Rose Hills, and game playing. To prep for the New Year, my husband and I had a lil competition…who could clean up the holiday decorations the quickest. Haha! He’s in charge of the outside and I’m in charge of the inside. It was a battle and my kids got so excited about it. If you ask me, the kids and I won. If you ask him, he won…all b/c I forgot to put away this tiny stand in the planter. Sheesh! My son likes to remind him that it was his job since technically it was “outside”. Smart 4 year old! But then my husband comes back at him with “I guess you guys and mommy will have to put away the 7 foot tree”. Who wins?

I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation from the shop. My hands got a lil bored doing nothing so I started knitting a hat for my daughter, one with ear flaps! Too cute! even if she’ll only get to wear it a few times this year since when it does it really get that cold in LA? All worth it!

Tonight’s agenda? ringing in the New Year with lil sis and her family east coast time if not earlier! HA!

Hope you have a great New Year’s eve and a better New Year’s Day! Cheers! See you all in 2011!

big sis