I’ve been knitting hats for my kids since they were babies and although they can’t really wear them too much in SoCal, I love making them. I’m still very much a beginner knitter although I did sew my son a sweater and my daughter a poncho when I was pregnant with them. Both were ONLY worn inside the home! haha! Still, I will hold on to those pieces and pass them on to my grandchildren…so that they can wear them inside their homes!

So while on vacation from the shop, I decided to knit. and not your basic, simple hat…I got brave and sought after a pattern with earflaps! I came across this one and had to brush up on terms, definitions, etc. But you know me…I am the queen of research! The only problem was how to adjust the gauge for my 4 year old daughter’s head size (newborn, infant, and lil kid’s sizes are provided). Remember, I’m a beginner and I do my best to avoid gauges and trying to figure out gauges (truth be told, I really try to avoid things that require me to concentrate really hard). So I did the next best thing; I measured my daughter’s head circumference and she only fell slightly outside of the provided lil kid’s measurements so I went up 2 stitches in everything, and upped the length of the hat (before decreasing) from 4 to 4.5 inches (it fits her with some room but since I’m so late in knitting this season, I figure she can probably wear it for a few years).

I even learned how to knit with 2 circular needles + knit an i-chord + block! My biggest problem was despite blocking, the ear flaps kept curling in…even after ironing (based on my research, this can work depending on the type of yarn but be careful). So I crocheted a trim, which I think turned out so cute! and it doesn’t curl anymore!

Another thing I added was the flower. Oy, the flower! I’ve only crocheted trims. So after 4 hours of reading up and learning abbreviations, watching videos of how to crochet stitches/chains, I got the hang of it and managed to crochet 2 flowers! Woot! woot!

Now on to my son’s hat! His head circumference is slightly larger than his twin sis but I think I will keep the same measurements I used on hers. His will just fit snugger on his head. I’m gonna attempt to use worsted weight yarn and will have to figure out the gauge this time around. Ugh! time to concentrate!

big sis