My husband and I try our best to exhange gifts for all major holidays, i.e., Christmas, birthdays, and mother’s day/father’s day. It’s tough though! He’s one person that is SO extremely hard to shop for…usually, he ends up telling me what he wants, where I can buy it, how much is too much to spend on the item…I know, so ridiculous!

I, on the other hand, am super easy to shop for! I always need the essentials: moisturizer, toner, eye cream, socks, pj’s. Haha! But he always surprises me with more than I could have imagined! Ya see, he’s your average guy’s guy who believes in tough love, does not wear his emotions on his sleeves, is most of the time all about business. So when he remembers the little things, it is always so touching and his gifts usually brings a tear to my eyes (but mainly b/c I’m a sap!). So this Christmas, he bought me the most thoughtful present…one I probably mentioned awhile ago, one I know required him to think outside his box!

big sis