Hello world! This week is the 2 month mark for Baby Tabitha, the week I started working out, and also the week I started crafting again. If you told me I would be this happy and “normal” about a month ago, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Tabitha is a healthy beautiful baby girl. I’m so thankful that the delivery and recovery went well. The first few weeks were really tough on me. My firstborn did not adjust well to having a new person come into our family…that was the hardest part of this transition. Having a newborn comes with its challenges and to add a depressed, jealous 2 year old into the mix just made things pretty crazy in my household.

I’m happy to say that things have gotten better. Lila understands now that she has a baby sister. She might not love her everyday, but I see the potential! 🙂 It’s definitely tough to figure out what to do with a toddler and a newborn on a daily basis. It was so easy to just pack up and go when having one child. Now, we’re all stuck at home for the most part. I’m not confident about taking both kids out on my own, so I’ve been racking my brain these days trying to figure out fun things to do at home with my 2 year old. I need help! I’ve run out of ideas!

Typical things we do daily:

-Feed the ducks at the park

-Color or watercolor paint

-Read books

-Build a fort with a blanket and my chairs. She brings all her stuffed animals and pretends to feed them. **This can last a good 30 minutes!

-Cut up interesting magazine pics from my Parenting or OK! mags and have her glue them on paper.

-Take out old board games like Monopoly or Sorry and have her play with the small pieces. **This one isn’t very fun for me because of the clean up.

-Floor puzzles

-Of course some Elmo and Barney TV time

Any other ideas??

Like I mentioned earlier, I started crafting again. Both kids are down by 8, so I have an hour or so before I end up sleeping. Actually, it’s less time than that. I’m so wiped out by 9! I started cutting up my felt pieces for a crown I’m making as a gift and also these cute felt hair pins found here on Purlbee.

Easy and simple and very cute. Perfect for Valentine’s. I’ve started cutting out dolls as well and am hoping to make a few next month with some of my new fabric.

Do you remember Little Twin Stars??? They’re just too adorable.

-lil sis