Hi all!

I’ve been out of sorts the past few weeks, thus my absence from blogging, tweeting, crafting. And with my daughter stuck at home sick, I decided to stop in and say “hi”.

I have been trying (trying is the key word) to prepare for V-day. I had taken out the few heart decorations I have for the house quite early. That was the easy part since all the stores seem to prep for the following holiday MONTHS in advance…you get that sense too? Maybe I never paid attention to it before but sheesh! as soon as Christmas is over, Valentine’s seems to go up! The hard part is figuring out what to give out to the twins’ friends at school. I always opt for non-candy items since I don’t really care for my kids to get it. What a fun mom I am, huh?! So although this has been in the works for some time

melted heart shaped crayons from the long thread

we are still not done! Having to peel off the crayon wrappers for 40! hearts…sigh…not an easy task. And although my daughter loves to help me peel (my son…not so much), her hands are only so big and she is 4 afterall! šŸ™‚ Good thing we started this last month. I only have another batch or 2 to make before I can start assembling.

On today’s agenda: encourage daughter to sign her name on 40 v-day cards! while I frantically peel crayons!

big sis