We are officially done with our V-day goodies. We made several extra to send to my nieces in Chicago and to pass out to our neighbors. Yes, they were time consuming and although there are tips out in the blog world regarding the easiest way to peel the crayons, I did it the good old fashioned way. I just used my nails and gave up on the crayons that gave me a hard time and moved on to the next 🙂 When you’ve collected so many (a year’s worth) from restaurants, gifts, etc, it’s easy to just move on!

I liked how silliesmile packaged her crayons…something about being able to see the crayons from the front and back…just felt cleaner to me. Plus I was worried that if I stuck them onto cardstock, they would fall off or color the cardstock by rubbing against them (you know, all the neurotic things that come to the mind of a neurotic person!).

You can also get your kids to help out with the packaging.

My 4 year old daughter colored each heart and I love how each one is different and not perfect.

I only had blue, green, yellow, and red for the last batch of hearts. But I love the primary look of them! Hope they are a hit!

big sis