Had a wonderful day with the kiddos! Lila had a lot of fun with her first Easter egg hunt of the year. She scored some goodies…most of which she can’t eat because they were filled with chocolate. Oh well, more chocolate for me! But she did get some fruit gummies and some Mickey Mouse stickers which she oohed and aahed over.

It’s so funny to see where the kids will go first. Some kids picked up the first egg they saw on the asphalt, while others started running towards the grass. Our teacher didn’t “hide” the eggs…they were just scattered around the playground on the cement, grass, play area. My lil one was eager to get the eggs that were far away from all the others. Interesting girl. She’s just like me in that I’m not big on crowds and long lines (unless it’s the Splendid Sample Sale!).

See what I mean…no other kids in sight! Usually I get a kid or two in the background when I’m taking pics of her at school. Anyways, I can’t wait for Easter egg dyeing this week! Hopefully she’ll be entertained by it more than last year.

-lil sis